Submitting feedback in the third stakeholder review of proposals for DSM-5

Q & A

Is there an “action” document I can download?

US advocate, Mary Dimmock, has prepared a “Call to action” document. Download Mary’s document from this page

DSM-5 Call to action

Who can submit comment?

All stakeholders in the DSM-5 and interested members of the public can submit comment: medical and psychiatric clinicians, psychologists, health practitioners, researchers, counselors, therapists, social workers, lawyers, patients, care givers, patient advocates and patient advocacy organizations.

How long is the stakeholder comment period open for?

The comment period is open until June 15. If any extension is announced I will update.

Where can I read the proposals for the third draft?

Draft proposals for DSM-5 categories and criteria are posted on the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5 Development site.

You can find links for 20 category sections of DSM-5 at the foot of the home page or from the “Proposed Revisions” drop down tab.

How can I submit comment?

American Psychiatric Association is accepting comments via the website and you will need to register with the site in order to submit feedback.

If you submitted in the first and second stakeholder review you can use your existing registration details.

To register (or re-register if you have lost your details) look for the Participation box at the top right of every page. Or click this link to bring up the Register to Make Comments page on the DSM-5 Development site.

Once you have registered and logged in, a Rich Text and html editor displays at the end of each category proposal.  If this does not display in your browser, try another browser.

You may want to draft your comment and save a copy before uploading. 

What are the proposals for the Somatic Symptom Disorders?

Proposals for the Somatic Symptom Disorders can be accessed from this page of the DSM-5 Development site:

Somatic Symptom Disorders

You can also read the proposals for category J 00 Somatic Symptom Disorder aka Complex Somatic Symptom Disorder on this page of this site Somatic Symptom Disorder 

I’ve submitted a comment, what else can I do?

Use social media platforms to alert contacts to the stakeholder review. If you have a clinician, health practitioner, social worker or other professional who might be interested in submitting a comment, please alert them.

Lobby your regional and national patient advocacy organizations to submit comment by June 15. This will be the final opportunity for them to submit concerns about proposals.